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A traveler with diverging wits

Have you ever had the feeling of missing an excellent opportunity? Have you even had the opportunity of visiting incredible places in your life unexpectedly and you have totally wasted it to extreme? It just happened with me and my life a few years back. 

Yeah! I do regret for my carelessness. I did miss an excellent opportunity. I did neglect the most incredible moments of my life which would never replicate in my life.

But I do realize my mistakes now. I should have enjoyed my trip. The most incredible trip I have ever had in my whole life. I should have loved my trip rather grieving over my friend and her wickedness. But those were the days I could never able to bring back once again how hard I try. The most incredible road trip which I have missed just because of an unworthy friend and spent my days with loneliness accompanying me where I have even missed out to enjoy the Incredible Indian places.

So the story I am going to say is the real life experience of mine… Better grab your coffee/snack or anything and everything you need as you are in for a travel with me :) Get-set-go-Zoooooooooooooooom….

It was all planned that our school management has arranged for a trip in the month of September to the places from Coimbatore-Delhi-Jaipur-Kulu-Manali-Delhi-Coimbatore. And I was in my 10th grade and we started discussing over the trip for almost a month and decided to go for it. I was not much interested in going to this trip as me being a girl child was not allowed for any kind of trips at school and would always be accompanied by my parents. But this time the Best Friend Of Mine (BFOM) took so much pain in brainwashing me saying so many sweet things we are gonna share through this trip and made me accept. But it was such a big intricacy in getting the permission from my parents for which I had to cry and fast for a week. And finally we were set to get ready for the trip. I was all excited about the trip.

And the day has come for the trip and I was in the railway station. My mom dropped me to the Railway station and waited till the train moved and at the final wave of their hands i burst into tears which was not an intended one and it was the outcome of our true bonding with invaluable love between my mom and me. The train has started and i’m moving far far away from them. I felt a sudden darkness surrounding me and i was thrown into the lake of loneliness for the first time in my life. I have never felt anything like this before. Its so weird kind of feeling. I was unable to breath and tears doesn’t stop rolling over my cheeks. I was desperate without my mom actually.

After half an hour of tasting these weird feelings i remembered my friends around me speaking and chatting so happy. I wondered how they could be so happy no matter what has happened. I thought this is the reality of life and i tried to overcome my feelings which was found to be stupid and a theme for teasing me among my friends.

A new world was awaiting me in this trip which i was unaware of. I got up the next day realizing my journey in train with my fellow friends. I am not used to do my works by myself right from the moment i got up. But now i am left alone to do my own works. I was a bit embarrassed but realizing the situation i freshen up and was waiting for having my breakfast.

Me and my friends had a breakfast with cup noodles. Yuk! Such a terrible breakfast i ever had in ma whole life. It really sucks! Finishing up the breakfast i was unable to sit over and speak unlike my friends. I was very eager to visit new people and places. So i volunteered myself to visit the other compartments where my other friends are at. When i started my friends joined me too. It was so nice to see my school students and staffs to be the largest in the train.

When i crossed over one of the compartment i found few people asking money to our school guys. But these naughty guys were not giving money and instead was teasing them and commenting on them in English so that those people can’t understand what these guys are up-to and still waiting there for getting money. They are transgender. I was seeing such a kind of people for the first time and i couldn't recognize it. When i complained about the guys behavior to my friends they tell me that the people are transgender and that’s the reason these guys are teasing them.

How could people behave like an insane? People are people with flesh, blood and feelings what so ever may their gender and status be. I was dissatisfied by the way people treat transgender. I was arguing in support of them but my friends insisted me to be afraid of them saying they are cruel person and more unrelated facts about those people. Which made me fall into a big dilemma. What ever may be i am not with them to treat these people bad.

We came back to our compartment after a long walk and chat with other friends and even with strangers who were so caring towards us. The whole day was so enjoyable but still i had hard feelings and felt lonely without my parents. I have to wait for another 24hrs to speak with my parents as we might reach Delhi only on the next day morning.

The moment we stepped down in Delhi railway station I felt that I was going to have the best days of my life. It’s because I am in the capital of India and I was the proudest person among the group. But am not sure how many of my friends had such sensitivity towards that moment. We got 4 buses which was already been booked by my school authorities and went for the room to get freshen up so that we could have a clean visit to the tourist places. We have already had our breakfast in train (:’( Same Cup Noodles).

So we got ready for our visit by 11 am and started to see the memorable place for love TAJ MAHAL. Do you know how it’s like seeing one of the world wonders??? I was soooo excited in seeing the monument which was one of my life’s dreams. We reached TAJ MAHAL in 2 hrs and when I stepped out of the bus and saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was like flying in the seventh heaven. The building was several hundred years old but you could not find a bit of dust over it. It looks so clean and beautiful like a pearl in the shell. Such a lovely place and I had a majestic feel when I was wondering over inside TAJ MAHAL.
Speaking of the architecture and paintings you could never beat those ages in this fast moving era. Those walls in TAJ MAHAL were carved with minute art works that makes you fall in love with those walls. On the whole the king Shah Johann was one of the people who have a very lovely sense of architecture. What so ever the purpose may be love or devotion I surrender myself to the art and architecture of the olden days which is incomparable with these modern day buildings.

We then moved on to visit Agra fort half hearted to come out of the lovely TAJ MAHAL. I actually took a number of snaps for making my visit a memorable one for my lifetime.  We completed our lunch on the way which was with chapattis and dhal (The traditional food of north Indians!) which we south Indian people find a bit difficult to digest (L) but still I loved the taste of the food which was totally different from ours. I learnt that each and every state has a specialty in making their own food stuffs just like our Idly and Dosa.

The Agra fort was quiet similar to red fort which I have seen in my history books and pictures. I liked it a lot because it was filled with different shapes and structure of walls and ceilings. You might see a variety of designs that attracts your eyes and heart. You can also see the storage wholes where the rain water is collected and gets purified and sent to the bathing place of princess. It was such a great idea which is done very technically those days without any tubes and pipes. (Great work huh???) We had a good time there and it was evening so that they asked us to go out (  we all were so eager that we would even stay there) so that they can close it. So unwilling we came out and decided to visit the parliament of our country. But we had a funny time over there too…

Have you ever been left of by your bestie??? Have you been felt damn lonely in this whole damn world??? Guess some of you might have experienced it. Am one among you guys. As a part of my tour i learnt clearly what people are? who are caring towards you for real? what people are upto? and what is the meaning of real friendship…

I had a best pal whom i was thinking to be my best friend and for whom i threw away a lot of really really caring people… But on this tour i was happened to experience the most unbearable pain of my whole life. We both had misunderstanding and as a result of it she left me alone with my other friends and spent the rest of her days in tour with her sissy. Can you realize what was i feeling like? I found the whole world turning towards me and felt i was been dumped inside a huge burrow from which i could never return back.

My remaining days of the tour went on without even a bit of enthusiasm arising from my heart and was in such a great depression. I was there in the tour only because of her constant compeltion but now i was left all alone in a new land without any hopes of moving my feelings back to normal. I started feeling homesick and was totally off the mood and i was badly in need of returning home. But something stopped me from saying my worries to my parents when i was speaking with them. It was the love and fear they had for me not knowing how i’m gonna manage my trip. When i say about these then they are gonna feel terribly sad. So i just kept this little (Not little though ) secret within my heart. I kept crying over and over each and every second to pass my time in that tour which stopped me from enjoying the rest of my tour    

I haven’t expressed any of these feelings to her till now and thus i gradually moved away from her ( the truth is she moved away though which made me move too ) and was happy with a few friends who really understood me and cared for me…

Anyways lets get back to my trip  We then went to Parliament which was already closed as we reached it around 6.30 p.m… Our principal requested for allowing us to visit the Parliament but the policemen denied it and so we all just took a quick look at the Parliament just from the bus and returned back to the hotel with a bit of disappointment.

The next day we took off to Jaipur, The Pink city. I was a bit excited to see the city as it was been said as Pink city. I thought all the buildings would be painted in Pink paint (:p stupid right?). But when we entered the city i could find a very dirty streets with dusted houses and pigs roaming all the way round in the city. Oops it was a terrific experience.  Though i loved the art and crafted clothing’s and accessories, Camel ride, and visit to the forts which was really nice place to visit though.

We had only a day to be spent in Jaipur and so we rushed back towards Kullu-Manali. It would be difficult if we aren’t starting soon as the weather forecasts were bad and we might get stuck in the middle of storm. So we started our long travel in bus to Kullu-Manali.

On the way to Kullu-Manali we happened to visit so many places where we learnt many things. We saw a small stream of water which was coming up from deep inside the ground to face the visitors like us with a hot and bubbling pressure which was so much of a surprise for us to see such heat water coming from those coolest place. That was a mind-blowing one which i would never forget my whole life

We got ready for traveling towards the hill top and at the bottom of the hill they provided each of us with a fur coat, cap, leather boots and gloves to prevent us from the coldness of the snowy mountain range. I was quiet excited after all my loneliness i tried enjoying the scenic views of the path towards the snow flaked mountain and it was the first time am gonna see the snow   We then reached the hill top of the snowy mountains of Kullu by the afternoon around 1 p.m and we had lunch over there.

On the way to the mountain the steep roads and the smell of fur coats and leather gloves which was unusual for me made me feel vomiting and when i got down at the hill top i was left with vomiting. And i had to try hiding it from my teachers as they will not allow me to visit the snowy mountain and play in snow. But the fate played tricky game. I took my lunch and went to wash my hands in the river which was flowing by the side of the hill. When i dipped my hand into it i got shocked with the chillness of the water and my hands became numb and in few minutes i lay down there fainting. I used to faint often those days and i am still unaware of the reason of it.

Seeing me fainting my principal took me to the bus and made first aid and i was alright in 15minutes and i was afraid to ask to the principal about my visit to the mountain top. But somehow i managed asking it to one of my teacher who gave me a reply i  was supposed to stay in the bus with another friend of mine who was sick too. This left me in tears and i was pleading them to take me. But it was in vein. We were left alone in the bus and all the others went to the snowy mountain and enjoyed a lot (???). We too enjoyed in bus (??) eating corn and speaking stories and taking a short walk in and around the area and playing in the water. By the end of 4 p.m they returned back and our travel started towards Delhi leaving the message that our trip is gonna end.

After two days of a very long journey we returned back to our city…. Ahhhh it was such a big relief to be at home after a very long gap of 10 days… Guess i left a few places like shopping in Delhi and the birla mandhir temple which we got to visit finally was one such place to be remembered ans it was incredibly a nice experience too... 

Thus my trip was with so much of mixed emotions and i have decided not to go out without my parents so long anymore…

P.S – I am never really sure whether this post might be an exact post for this contest as i have not provided an incredible or adventurous things here. But all i could say is what not to be done and how not to be feeling over a relation which makes my trip a sort of weird kind of adventurous one to be done with a huge crowd but yet to be felt lonely. It would be a lesson for a naive like me though. So guys, pardon me if i haven't satisfied your expectations. Everything in life is just a kinda experience to be shared right :) 

The food provided by my school authorities was the worst food i’ve ever had in my lifetime. The authorities must be aware of providing a healthy food to the students. Hope they are providing it well these days. 

And guys, once you have decided on a trip make sure you get to know about the place you are going to visit and the whereabouts of it so that you might not get lost in a new place and you can make yourself well planned of what to get, where to get and all... And above all knowing about the place might probably a best forecasting technique to safeguard you from the sudden climatic changes and foods of those places at-least you can make some kind of alternative and look upon that you do not starve :) 

I have posted this post for the Indiblogger contest from Mahindra


  1. This was long!
    But could enjoy reading at a stretch :)
    It has all, little bits of sadness, thought-provoking , fun and at the end, a small smile :)
    The P.S part sums it all!
    A nice way to represent your ideas!
    All the best for contest,BTW! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Kinara :) Your comment made my day :D


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